Sunday, October 14, 2007

Wiki on the go

Plenty of people are looking for a program that lets them keep notes on the go. And there are plenty of applications out there which can do this already i.e Tomboy. As for me, I was looking for something which had the following criterias:-
  • It had to be small.
  • It had to be accessible from any platform.
  • It has to fit on a usbdrive.

This led me to MoinMoin Desktop Edition (MMDE). Its basically a wiki but one that sits on your desktop (or thumbdrive once you get Portable Python). However, its overkill (a full wiki for personal use???) and it does have a slight learning curve. Scouted around some more and found this little darling, TiddlyWiki.

Its a personal wiki writting 100% using Javascript and HTML thus all you need to use it is a modern browser i.e. Firefox or Opera. Installation is as simple as right clicking on the download link and choosing "Save link as" to your preferred location. And that IS all there is to it Now launch your browser, open the file you just saved and you're ready to start keeping notes. You can now copy the file to your usbdrive and carry it with you wherever you go. Heck, there are some people who are using this to even create a personal websites (don't worry. Once hosted, the editing feature is disabled). Neat huh :D

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