Saturday, October 13, 2007

Read em CHM files

Sometimes we "acquire" some e-books in CHM format and have some trouble opening them up in Linux boxes. This is not a problem in Windows (CHM is a MS format) as it comes with the tools to open it but us Linux (and BSD) users can't open it up by default. So, what do we use to view it? Well there are 2 options.
  1. Using GnoCHM
    • A decent viewer (for GNOME) to open .chm files directly. You can install it using
      • sudo apt-get install gnochm
  2. Using archmage
    • It basically decompiles the .chm file and stores the contents in a folder of your designation
    • To install it
      • sudo apt-get install archmage
    • To use it
      • archmage file.chm output_name

Happy reading :D


geek00l said...

xchm is the best ;P

Lightstar said...

xchm works well to ;) Guess its more of a personal preference..hehe