Thursday, May 04, 2006

It's alive

I finally managed to burn an OpenBSD cd successfully without any hitches. kekeke. Used this article as a reference to get it working. Basically its easy if you have a linux machine because tools such as mkhybrid are already available by default.

1. create a folder to store all the OpenBSD files i.e $HOME/openbsd. cd into that newly created folder.

2. download the OpenBSD files from any of the OpenBSD ftp mirrors. I used because it turned out much faster. i used the command 'wget -rc*'. this will recursively download all the files from the remote folder into your current folder.

3. depending on your internet connection the download might take up to 1 hour or more. The layout of the folder will be '' (substituting the host with whichever host you may have chosen. Now comes the interesting part, the creation of the ISO.

from the $HOME/openbsd folder, type 'mkhybrid -b -c boot.catalog -l -J -L -r -o obsd39.iso ./'

Take note the last ./ as this will be the BASE working path that will be used to navigate to

It will now begin creating the iso and after its done from the folder you're in you will find a obsd39.iso. Feel free to use any CD burning software to burn the image onto your CD. I used k3b to do burn my image. You could always use 'cdrecord' if you want everything executed from the console. After you've burned it do try to boot the cd to make sure all is working well. If all works then you can delete the files downloaded including the iso or you can share it with your friends.

Thats all folks :D

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