Wednesday, May 03, 2006

I am watching you

For some time I've been using a tool called ntop to monitor the traffic that goes through my machine. Just thought I'd share the tool with everyone else who is looking to see what goes on behind closed interfaces. The name of the tool is called ntop and listed below are the instructions to install it (on Breezy of course). Since its a web based tool all you need is a web browser to check the statistics.

apt-get intsall ntop.
first time run ntop -u ntop [-u indicates which user to run as]
it will ask for admin password (min 5 char)

to access the page type this in your browser "http://localhost:3000"

the only snag to this is that it only monitors up to the last 12 hours but its more than enough for normal users who just want to know what kind of traffic passes through their machine ;)

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