Thursday, March 02, 2006

Rise of the Devil

Finally running FreeBSD the way its meant to be;). When you initially start up Fluxbox you will notice that all your GTK applications will be utilizing REALLY small fonts. Previously I used to run gnome-settings-daemon to get the fonts in the right size but now I've found another way to get the fonts just right.

I execute Fluxbox using the "Use system default" option in GDM. This will look for a .xprofile (as opposed to .xsession in UIbuntu) in your home directory. However in my case I symlink .xprofile to .xinitrc (just used to the normal standards I guess). I find this a better way to start up new WMs as I can logout and login to change different settings without disrupting the other users WM settings. Also, I can start up any custom apps I would like loaded using this method. Couldn't get fluxbox to read the startup file in the ~/.fluxbox folder though. Have to check that out later.

My .xprofile file contains the following lines

fbpager -rc ~/.fluxbox/fbpager&
exec /usr/X11R6/bin/fluxbox

I guess I'm just used to having a pager in my previous WMs that I just had to have it in fluxbox itself. A pager application is the one you use to switch to multiple desktops in XFCE4, GNOME or KDE.

Will add more on the status of the devil after I find more things to do >:)

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