Thursday, March 02, 2006

Birth of the Devil

I've successfully reinstalled my OS to FreeBSD. This is my...errr... 12th try at this. Every single installation teaches me something new like what I SHOULDN'T do and what I SHOULD do. So far so good. I just might end up keeping this OS. But I aint keeping my hopes up TOO high though. The entire installation (including X) took about 45 minutes to complete (no surprise there). After that it was a matter of installing Fluxbox and GDM. I've also learned a new trick to get my GTK applications to have decent sized fonts too. Will post the HOW-TO in a while, once ALL my upgrades are done and it's working as well as it should. I'm currently upgrading my RELEASE-6 to STABLE-6. Keeping my fingers crossed.

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