Sunday, February 26, 2006

What's in a name (and looks)

Why oh WHY did i pick THIS color scheme :S. Gosh it's PINK. Or is it dark red. Its, its, its, HORRIBLE. ARGH!!. Never blindly pick a template without looking at it properly. Sigh. No matter i'll change it when i come around to it.

The name "afriel" was stumbled upon when i was busy searching for some RPG stuff. Turns out the name i chose is an angels name and it supposedly means
Afriel is known as the Angel of Youth and encourages exploration of all things new and inspires us with Hope.


Either way the name sounds cool so i decided to use this as the name for this blog. And besides, an angel that encourages us to do new things is my kinda guy. Or gal, whichever suits it. :D

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