Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Look out Outlook

2 posts in a day. That's new. Heh. I've just finished setting up IMAP + Google calendar on my Thunderbird. I've kinda given up on managing everything purely using the web as I've got a few different mail accounts (not only from Gmail) and it gets pretty tiring to logout and login to different accounts. Also, my friend has been asking me if there is an alternative to Outlook for some time now so I decided to look around. Since I've never used Outlook before its hard for me to comment exclusively on its limitations or strengths.

So for my setup, I used Thunderbird + Lightning + IMAP for syncing my mail and calendars. And this method works for both Linux and Windows (should work on OSX as well but i haven't tried it out yet). Google has a good guide on setting up IMAP with your mail account in Thunderbird and this site gives a tutorial (with screenshots) on syncing Google calendar with Thunderbird. I'll post the guide on setting up an IMAP server with a local calendar setup for companies once my friend passes me the guide. Till then, happy syncing.

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